A.W0003 December 29th 2019 B1 LAME/ Aircraft SheetMetalWorker  AviationWork - Seeking Positions for several Qualified Aircraft Sheetmetal Workers and Aircraft Structures Tradesman, Prefer Contract terms minimum 3 months. 

A.W0002 Aug 11 - Avionics LAME  AviationWork - Seeking Positions available for an Experienced Avionics LAME Located on east coast Australia, has own tools. Looking for Contract or permanent positions in Airlines or General Aviation as LAME/AME. CASA Licenced, Boeing 737NG, 767/200-300 AND 747-400

Please Contact, ref A.W002 Aug 11 to info@AviationWork.com.au

A.W001 Jul 19 - Mechanical LAME B1 looking for short or long term contracts interested in Australia, New Zealand or PNG has Experience on Heavy maintenance, Flightline with Charter, Regional and Airlines - Examples Dash 8's, King Air etc. Contact me c/o AviationWork