AviationWork - About Our Business Services.


AviationWork is based in Australia we provide a variety of services to airlines, operators, employees, suppliers, contracting, hangar

marketing, MRO's,  Training Organizations, Damp training and products and more.


AviationWork - Sales & Purchasing


We provide a variety of services to airlines, operators, financiers, and investors in an all industry-related pursuits whether it is supply or marketing of fixed wing aircraft, making the right equipment selection, or structuring efficient transactions.

We bring a wealth of experience and business relationships being exclusively mandated by high-profile airlines and leasing companies to buy and sell on their behalf.

Our diverse network gives us supreme versatility to offer our clients immediate and comprehensive solutions for all things aviation, no matter where.

We strongly believe in a discrete approach, and in respect of our client agreements with the principal title holders and facilitating suppliers we offer off-market aircraft.


Only after proof of genuine interest from a principal buyer (Mandate or Letter of Intent, Proof of Funds) and the mutual signing of a Non Disclosure - Non Circumvent Agreement (NDNCA) we will disclose all desired and required information such as specifications, and serial numbers. Our carefully structured sales and delivery procedures are according to the highest standards you will find in the aviation industry. The transfer of title as well as payments will be executed under strict supervision of well-known top shelf escrow agents or law firms specialized in aircraft title services.

AviationWork - Human Factors


Please contact AviationWork, with your requirements for employees or for your personal employment within Aviation.


AviationWork Dedicated to Solutions for Our Clients in  the Aircraft Industry. 


Main advantages of AviationWork is the extensive experience our team has in the  various aspects of aviation industry including engineering maintenance management line heavy general and military fixed and rotary winged aircraft in Australia and overseas. 😀 

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